Thursday, 1 October 2009

What admen don't realise

Well, after yesterday's hullabaloo settled down, I left work late (it was nearly 6pm, for God's sake) having reflected on matters. I continued that reflection in Radish Bar, then Dog Bar, then God Bar. And the reflection I kept seeing was the reflection of me, in a mirror, being right.

Why was I right to reject all the work the agency produced?

First, I trust the opinion of the target audience more than some suited adman. My mother is nearly target audience, so I trust her opinion almost totally, then throw in some of my own to make up for the fact that she isn't technically target audience.

My mother's opinion was, generally, that the work reminded her of the woman my father left us for many years ago. (My opinion was that my mother is usually right, so why argue!)

Do I want to produce advertising that reminds potential customers of a woman who ran off with their husband? No. That's just obvious. You'd be mad to do it. Mad.

The second reason is this: I have a responsibility to this brand. If an ad bears this company's logo, I have to make sure it's of the very highest standard - and that it fits our overall General Ideology of Strategised Marketing (GISM) to ensure maximum business profitisation and customer delight engenderment.

The problem is, none of them seem to get it right. Which is why I keep having to show them the way. When I have an idea, I instinctively know that it's right - but when the agency boys try, I instinctively know that it's wrong. I can't explain it. But it's quite like when I instinctively know that I'm a very gifted singer, or that the food a waiter has brought me is wrong, or that the service I'm being provided by pretty much everyone isn't up to scratch, or that it's my right of way rather than some stupid woman with a pushchair. I just instinctively KNOW. And, as Darwin proved, instincts are never, ever wrong.

That's what these admen will never fully understand. It takes balls, backbone, guts and nuts to have instant, thoughtless, unconsidered instincts. But I'll always live by them.

Why? Because I AM THE CLIENT!

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